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Specialty linens such as table cloths, napkins and chair covers are the perfect way to transform a wedding reception room at a reasonable price. The influence of these décor products can have a powerful impact upon guests who first walk into a wedding reception room since the tables and chairs that linens cover tend to cumulatively have the largest surface space in the room.
When choosing reception décor, most influential event planners agree that the table linens are a great place to start. When choosing a table décor color palette, it should preferably be one that coordinates with colors and styles already used in the invitations, ceremony and bridal wear. Choose your table linens first and then build the rest of your table décor such as flowers around these fabrics.

Tip: When choosing your table linen colors, you want to make sure that your table linen fabric you chose don't clash with the room where the reception is being held. Also an important point is not to worry too much about matching the linens to individual room items such as carpet. Items such as carpet, are generally not in favorable bridal reception colors and most people will only notice the impact of the fabric colors such as table cloths that are on the top of the tables.

Trend: Autumn colors such as chocolate, bronze and copper continue to be strong base colors year round that give an alternative to the traditional wedding colors. These fabric colors are often combined with strong contrasting colors (i.e. chocolate table linens w/tiffany blue napkins) to create a dramatic color palette in a room. Strong color combos this year are chocolate/citron, copper/ivory and chocolate/pink.
When ordering your linens, be sure to know your table sizes and also chair types. Your reception venue should be able to help you plan the seating arrangement and layout which would ultimately determine your table sizing. If you are having a cocktail reception, remember to order linens for this as well. If you have questions on linen sizing for certain tables, you may refer to the sizing chart on our website or contact one of our customer service representatives.

Tip: Make sure to order extra napkins, as this tends to be utilized by serving staffs as well as guests. A 10-20% overage on napkins beyond your guest count should be sufficient.

While linen choices should be narrowed down towards the beginning of the reception process, linens should preferably be reserved at least 6-10 weeks before your wedding date to ensure that the items you want are available. Remember to think creatively, as linens are a great way to customize you wedding reception and impress your guests.

Trend: Traditional wedding fabric colors such as white, ivory, gold and pewter are always in demand. Consider adding accents of other colors in items such as napkins or chair ties to bring all of the room colors together. Strong color combos this year are black/white, gold/rose and ivory/silver.
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